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Appeal to our Customers and Clients

As we are all aware that, we are facing challenges of Global Outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and Govt. is taking strict preventive measures to stop its spread, Govt. has issued advisory to stay isolated so as to each and every individual in India be safe as we are about to enter the PHASE-III of COVID-19 Outbreak and hence this is the force majeure and unforeseen circumstances.
We may assume that, in coming time, it may happen that the issue may worsen and for the safety of our patients who are already immune compromised and safety of healthcare staff, who may not be able to report to work due to reasons beyond our control and for their own isolation issues. In view of the same we request you to kindly understand the situation and respect their safety concerns as well.
We understand that, you are having urgent need for the services however according to situation we request you to speak to our staff coming to your home, take them in confidence and under normalcy make the appropriate arrangements so that safety of our patients and staff will not be at risk. If the staff decides not to report to work, we cannot force them and will not be able to send the replacement during this period. Once the situation gets normal, services will also be at its normal and we shall be able to provide services as usual.

I hope we understand the situation.
Appreciate your support and understanding

Prashant Mahankar (M.D.)
ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Date – 20 March 2020