Centre for Advanced Care and Nursing

Why we exists?

Since our inception & start of home healthcare services we understood that, home healthcare is not possible for some of the families due to limited resources available at home such as Space, accessibility or lack of proper infrastructure. On the other hand, cost of hospitalization for longer period is a major concern, though these patients need extra care and attention. Hence, we felt the need to start this centre where we can provide this extra care at affordable pricing.

Home Care Service for Covid Patient in Thane

We provide residential care to senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson's, Paralysis & Stroke.

We also provide care to those who are recovering from surgical procedures such as Hip and Joint Replacement Surgery, Accidental Recovery & Patients undergone Tracheostomy procedure.

Our qualified and experienced nurses take care of every individual with utmost care and compassion. They strictly follow every patient’s medicine schedule as prescribed by their treating physician.

To ensure extra level of care we have

Aerobic activities

Promoting Mental Health

Healthy Eating

At Centre for Advanced Care and Nursing, we are committed to care for your loved ones, It’s a promise!

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