Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that the care and the services which are offered / provided by ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. are non-medical care services and such services / care will not replace any existing treatments given by the treating / consulting physician under whose diagnosis and advice, the patient is being treated.
  2. I understand that, caregiver who is placed at the address as mentioned herein above will provide such an appropriate level of home care services only.
  3. I recognize and agree that I have the right to refuse services or terminate services at any time by notifying in writing to the ORGlife Healthcare Private Limited 48 hours in advance. In addition, ORGlife Healthcare may terminate service by notifying me of termination.
  4. In the event of any issues with the staff provided, customer may ask for the replacement of staff and company undertakes to provide the replacement up to three times, however customer cannot ask for the specific person / staff / representative to continue forcefully, against the will of the person / caretaker / staff / representative of the company, nor will company ask the person to do so.
  5. I have been informed by ORGlife healthcare Pvt. Ltd. that I may be receiving assistance with self-administration of medication from an unlicensed person (excluding narcotics). If any family member or patient himself insists caretaker to administer any kind of medicine other than oral medicine to the patient, the responsibility of the patient lies with the guardian of the patient and ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and its employees will not be responsible for any kind of unforeseen event.
  6. I agree to provide / make available all the goods / equipment’s required to provide an appropriate assistance to the patient and further agrees to provide safe working environment at all the time.
  7. Charges for Caretaker / Nurse / Physiotherapist are subject to change with the change in condition of the patient and agreed scope of work. The charges decided are valid for the period of one year only and are subject to renew after the completion of one year.
  8. If more than one caretaker or any other staff is required for any reason, the charges for additional staff will be applicable as per work and duration.
  9. If the patient is hospitalized and the staff is kept on standby for the duty, or If the replacement staff is required during the emergency leave of assigned caretaker, it will be charged as full day since the caretaker is arranged in emergency, Company shall attempt and try to provide the replacement staff in case of emergency leaves at its full capacity, however it is expected from the customer to understand that sometimes additional staff may not be available.
  10. Cancellation of Service - 50% visit charges will be applicable for cancellation of duty on arrival of nurse/caretaker or any company staff. To avoid charges once should inform company 4 hours in advance of scheduled visit. In case of early morning shifts and visits scheduled before 10:00 AM, it is advised to inform the company before 10:00 PM of previous night.
  11. All the documents of the caregivers are verified, However if relatives of the patient want to verify the documents, they can do so at their own cost and may proceed including the police verification, investigation for contagious diseases and medical fitness.
  12. All the company charges / bills to be paid directly to the company’s account through NEFT, IMPS, cheque or Cash to be deposited directly to the company’s given account number. If the cash is paid to the company’s authorized person, please collect the valid receipt to avoid the further confusion.
  13. It is informed to the clients not to pay any amount directly to the caregivers or healthcare providers unless it is requested or authorized by the company in written. Company pays their compensation directly to them.
  14. Hereby it is advised not to involve any company employee such as caretakers, nurses, etc. in any unauthorized financial transaction unless it is authorized by the company in written. It is also informed to client, to safe guard your financial interests such as bank passbook, cheque books, credit and debit cards, passwords, pin numbers etc. from any outsider third-party and not to involve any company personnel in personal, financial work other than agreed in scope of work such as asking him to withdraw money from ATM, handing over bearer cheques, self-signed cheques to deposit in bank etc. Company will not be responsible for any such matter & loss arising from such issues between the person & patient or any other person related to patient or his family.
  15. It is also advised to the client / customer, not to collect or demand or receive any unauthorized payment / goods / gifts or any kind of favor from company staff, that may result in financial loss to staff provided by company or to the company. Company may take strict legal action against such persons / parties and may initiate the full recovery along with the interest.
  16. In the event of theft or any unforeseen or other incident, ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. will not be held responsible whatsoever, however, ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd will undertake to cooperate in the investigation.
  17. Payment Due Date & Late Payment Charges – Company sends bills / invoices to its customers twice in a month (i.e. on 1st & 16th day of every month.) Customer should pay the bills immediately or within 3 days, on receipt of the bills / invoices. The due date for paying bills is 3rd and 17th day of every month for corresponding bill cycle. Customer is liable to pay “late payment charges” mentioned in bills / invoices, if paid on or after 4th or 18th day of the each month.
  18. Settlement of dues – Termination of contract will not absolve the patient or the relatives/undersigned from making payment towards services availed further I understand that in the event of termination of services from both sides, payment will be adjusted from the advance / Deposit amount and remaining dues will be paid by either of the parties immediately. Customer is liable to pay 2% rate of interest per month on the due amount if it is not paid within week from due date.
  19. “ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.” reserves the absolute right to withdraw and / or alter any components, contents, terms or conditions of the services and/or terminate the services.
  20. By signing up for the services & submitting the enrollment form, patient has authorized “ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.” to collect personal and medical information for the purpose of records.
  21. I agree to receive SMS / Call or Email, services etc. from ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. for information on various lifestyle, disease management information and promotional activities.
  22. I hereby give consent to publish / upload photos, videos of caretakers along with patient and family members to create educational & Training material, website, brochures, TV radio, and all types of media
  23. I hereby declare that, I will not try to influence, attract or hire the company staff to work privately for me without notifying to company nor insist them to do so. In event of such recruitment & if it is observed by the company, the company may take the legal course against such recruitment & may charge the amount equivalent to the charges payable for 30 days, I will be responsible to pay all the expenses arising out of this issue.
  24. In the event of dispute between Company and its staff whosoever such as any caretaker / nurse / physiotherapist or any other employee / contracted staff or any other representative of the company. ORGlife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to terminate / take legal action against such staff and decision taken by the company will be final. Any interference by the customer shall not be entertained in this regard.
  25. Delay or failure to deliver any services agreed herein, if occasioned by or resulting from an act of God or public enemy, fire, explosion, earthquake, perils of the sea, flood, war declared or undeclared, civil war, revolution, civil commotion or other civil strife, riot, strikes, blockade, embargo, sanctions, epidemics, act of Government or any other Authority, compliance with Government orders, demands or regulations, or any circumstances of like or different nature beyond the reasonable control of the Party so failing, will not be deemed to be a breach of this Agreement nor will it subject either Party to any liability to the other.
  26. I hereby indemnify and keep you/your directors / your employees / representatives fully indemnified saved, defended and harmless from and against any or all claims, losses, damages, expenses, costs or other liabilities incurred or suffered by you due to our breach of the covenants, representations and warranties under these presents or due to any act, omission, default on our part in complying with/performing our obligations under the said Agreement and / or against all actions and / or claims from third parties that may arise due to the complaint filed by us and/or any other claims that may arise in future.